Golden Program

Quality Management System

Commitment Monarch Bali to focus on quality is managed through the development of Quality Management System that includes: Human Resource Management, Curriculum Management, Student Management, Infrastructure Management, Public Relations Management and Financial Management.

Accredited Institution

LPK Monarch Bali located in Dalung (Badung), Candidasa (Karangasem), Singaraja (Buleleng), Gianyar and Negara (Jembrana) have been accredited by Lembaga Akreditasi Lembaga Pelatihan Kerja (LA LPK).

Certified Instructor

All instructors have been certified young instructors and most of them are Competency Assessors.

LSP LPK Monarch Bali

All students get certification program that conducted by LSP LPK Monarch Bali, where the certificate of competence is issued by Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi.

3 In 1 Program Implementation

Carry out the Government program such as, "Train, Certify and Placing", through partnerships with the hospitality industry and cruise ships.


Implement partnership with hospitality industry and cruise ship, such as: PT. Cahaya Persada, PT. Pyramid, PT Ratu Oceania Raya Bali.

Monarch Value

Monarch Bali conducts development in accordance with the Vision and Mission of the institution, which is integrated in institutional values (Monarch Value) so that the organization culture can be realized in accordance with expectations and synergize with the improvement of the quality of Monarch Bali.

Monarch Bali