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04 Januari 2018


A spectacular activity is organized by Monarch Bali Management under the coordination of Widhi Sastra Nugraha Foundation (WSN) at the end of 2017. Monarch Bali Management is invited to cruise to Mariner Of The Seas (Royal Caribbean International) Cruise Ship for 5 days visiting 3 countries namely Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
This program begins on December 11, 2017 a large group of Monarch Bali family of 35 people departing from Ngurah Rai Bali Airport to Singapore where the Mariner Of The Seas Cruise Ship performs a passenger embarkation. Furthermore, after passing immigration, the group conducted check-in at the cruise ship with a capacity of 3500 passengers.
I Made Sumitra S.E., M.M., CHT as Chairman of WSN Foundation stated that this exposure program is held as a form of appreciation from Yayasan to Monarch Management branch throughout Bali. For 8 years Monarch Bali's gait has been well received by the society indicated from the new students who tend to increase every year. Especially cooperation Monarch Bali with Agent PT Ratu Oceania Raya Bali has dispatched the graduates working on cruises, especially Royal Caribbean. The graduates of Monarch Bali work almost in all departments start from galley stewards, housekeeping, culinary, waiters to bartenders. This event is also a visit / monitoring to the graduates in order to always work and do their best so that the Indonesian worker, Bali in particular, still recorded has a high work ethic and discipline, so the crew indirectly provide positive value to the next generation. Also participate in a group of Advisory Board of Foundation and Director of PT Ratu Oceania Raya Bali Mr. Nym Sudi Artawan S.S. and Board of Foundation Trustees Mr. Nengah Yasa Adi Susanto S.H., M.H., CHT.
Managing Director of Monarch Bali Putu Ratna Wulandari SST.Par. who participated in the group feel grateful to be able to organize this program as well as provide a different experience for the Management team, hope the team get a new spirit to continue to improve the performance and organizational culture is getting better. On the 4th day of the formal dinner at the main dining room is also celebrated the 8th birthday of Monarch Bali with cake and champagne and also sung / enlivened by some crew in the dining room.
Cruising ends on December 16, 2017, then the group is invited to tour Singapore visit Merlion Park, Garden by the Bay, and finally to Bugis street shopping center before departing to Denpasar, Bali via Changi Airport, Singapore.


20 Nopember 2017


Monarch Bali Cruise Line and Hospitality Training Center that shelter under Widhi Sastra Nugraha Foundation carry out activities of Dies Natalis VIII by organizing various activities throughout all Monarch Bali, which are Monarch Dalung, Monarch Candidasa, Monarch Gianyar, Monarch Singaraja and Monarch Negara. A series of activities of Dies Natalis VIII Monarch Bali begins with various non-academic activities in October 2017 and continued with CSR Program of “Jalinan Kasih” as a form of social commitment of Monarch Bali to society which conducted regularly in every year. This CSR Program, Jalinan Kasih, get support and direct participation from PT Ratu Oceania Raya Bali that is the official agent of labor supplier to cruise ship, partner of Monarch Bali.

Chairman of Widhi Sastra Nugraha Foundation, I Made Sumitra, S.E., M.M., CHT. conveyed that the CSR Program, Jalinan Kasih, is one of the most important parts in the management of Quality Management System in Monarch Bali, especially on Public Relations Management.

In the implementation of this CSR program, Monarch Bali can continue the grace given by Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa / God Almighty to the people who are believed to deserve the grace, so Jalinan Kasih is a returning act for what is become the right of the people of Bali. Through this activity, it is expected that the love bond between Monarch Bali and the people of Bali in particular can be felt real with sincere heart and in togetherness.

CSR Monarch Bali, Jalinan Kasih Program is held simultaneously by all Monarch Bali, Monarch Dalung, Monarch Gianyar, Monarch Candidasa, Monarch Singaraja and Monarch Negara on Friday, November 17, 2017. Monarch Bali Dalung visited the Tresna Werda Wana Seraya Denpasar Social House, dedicated to the elderly and the SOS Children Village Bali Orphanage in Tabanan. The donation given by Monarch Bali Dalung is in the form of sembako and dana tali kasih along with music entertainment and traditional dance. The CSR Program, Jalinan Kasih, was attended by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the visited Orphanage Management, where gratitude and prayer were offered together with donation handover conducted directly to the elderly and also children of the Orphanage.

Meanwhile, the CSR program is also organized by Monarch Singaraja and Monarch Negara in their respective regions. On this occasion, Monarch Singaraja conducts activities in Pengulon Village, Buleleng, precisely at SD Negeri 1 Pengulon by providing aid / donation which is packaged in the form of basic food packages, stationery and school supplies intended for hundreds of elementary, junior high school, and the less fortunate. Subsequently, Monarch Negara conducted similar activities in Tukadaya Village, Melaya - Jembrana Subdistrict, by packing a package of basic foods which was given directly to 100 poor families who are citizens of Banjar Berawan Salak, Banyubiru Village, Jembrana. This activity was attended by village officials and residents who received assistance, Banjar Berawan Salak people directly expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Monarch Bali Negara hoping that this activity will always be sustainable.

Then, Monarch Bali Gianyar also carried out Jalinan Kasih Program by providing assistance in the form of sembako, various household necessities and stationery to the displaced Karangasem residents and currently still living in IDP campus IHDN Bangli camp, Sutasoma Sukawati Refugee post and residents Yayasan Senang Hati , Gianyar.

Jalinan Kasih Program that held in Karangasem regency are organized by Monarch Bali Candidasa, where donations are packaged in packages of basic needs and money that given directly to the underprivileged in Sengkidu Village, Karangasem.

Monarch Bali and PT Ratu Oceania Raya Bali believes that through this CSR program, Jalinan Kasih, can always cultivate a sense of social awareness and tighten the bond in the relationship of society.


29 September 2017


Monarch Bali Cruise Line and Hospitality Training Center under Widhi Sastra Nugraha Foundation carry out WISUDA VI MONARCH BALI activities on 27 - 28 September 2017 located at Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur - Bali. WISUDA VI MONARCH BALI is held for 2160 graduates who have passed on the Basic Level or Middle Level program. The graduation procession took place gradually, on Wednesday / September 27, 2017 attended by 1,082 graduates from Monarch Singaraja, Monarch Gianyar and Monarch Negara. Then continued on Thursday / 28 September 2017 attended by 1,078 graduates from Monarch Dalung and Monarch Candidasa. WISUDA VI MONARCH BALI are attended by the partners (internal and external stakeholders), among others: Bali Vice Governor, Manpower and Energy Resources of Bali Province, the Department of Manpower and Transmigration of Badung Regency, Gianyar, Karangasem, Buleleng, Jembrana , Bali Tourism Office, LSP Director of LPK Monarch Bali, Association of Tourism, Management Representative of Hotel and Management Industry of PT Ratu Oceania Raya Bali.

Chairman of Widhi Sastra Nugraha Foundation, I Made Sumitra, S.E., M.M., CHT congratulated on the success of all graduates who have completed the education and training program at Monarch Bali. The development of Monarch Bali in line with the quality improvement is the concern of Yayasan Widhi Sastra Nugraha through the Quality Assurance Team, by developing a system of governance arranged in Quality Management System and becoming a guide in the operational activities of Monarch Bali. He also explained that the development of infrastructure facilities has been done in 2017, namely the inauguration of the State Monarch Building and its facilities according to the needs of the tourism industry, as well as the development of facilities in Monarch Gianyar and Monarch Candidasa. Monarch Bali now also develops a technology-based basic level program, which is the Business Administration that will answer the needs of the industry will have the competence as a secretary, accounting officer, guest service and front liner. Widhi Sastra Foundation Nugraha consistently implement CSR program in the form of scholarships to underprivileged children in each new academic year as a form of commitment in educating the nation's children. Furthermore, Monarch Bali also provides assistance to Orphanages and underprivileged communities in 5 districts of Bali Province through a Love Interfaith program implemented annually.

At this graduation ceremony, Vice Governor of Bali Province, Drs. Ketut Sudikerta in his speech said that he is convinced Monarch Bali able to produce professional workforce in the field of tourism, especially hospitality and cruise ship. He also highly appreciates Monarch Bali and hopes that the future will be able to synergize with government programs to advance Bali.

I Kadek Juli Purwantara, S.Pd as the Chairman of the Graduation Committee said that all the Graduates of Monarch Bali have graduated by obtaining the certificate of graduation from Monarch Bali institution and the competence certificate from National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP). Furthermore it was also stated that WISUDA VI MONARCH BALI took the theme: “TERWUJUDNYA SUMBER DAYA MANUSIA YANG BERKARAKTER, KREATIF DAN INOVATIF SERTA MEMILIKI KUALITAS DIRI YANG PROFESIONAL DI BIDANG PARIWISATA”. The theme of the Graduation is the embodiment of the educational and training process that emphasizes the formation of the character of the learners that leads to the realization of professional tourism people in their field while maintaining the personality and culture of hospitality.

A series of events on WISUDA VI MONARCH BALI is complemented by giving awards to the best students who have graduated with very satisfying predicate and predicate with praise. Then also performed the delivery of competency certificates to all graduates by I Nengah Adi Susanto, S.H., CHT as LSP Director of LPK Monarch Bali. The graduation ceremony is also attended by tourism association in synergy with Monarch Bali in the process of curriculum review and the training process of the students so that it is in line with industry expectations. Monarch Bali awarded the association of association of Tourism with Monarch Bali to the present association, including ICA (Indonesian Chef Association), IFBEC (Indonesian Food and Beverage Executive Association), ABI (Association of Indonesian Bartender), IHKA (Indonesian Housekeeper Association) HFLA (Front Front Liners Association), IHGMA (Indonesian General Manager Association), BSA (Bali Sommelier Association), HRA (Human Resources Association).

On this occasion, Monarch Bali also received a mark of appreciation for the cooperation that has been established so far from PT. Queen Oceania Raya Bali as official agent of labor supplier to cruise ship. Director of PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali, I Nyoman Sudi Artawan, S.S. stated in his speech that this award is given as a form of appreciation to Monarch Bali in producing workers who have the competence and professionalism to work on cruise ships.


26 Juli 2017


The commitment of LPK Monarch Bali in support of Three In One Kiosk Government Program is implemented through training, certification and placement process. This process becomes a media evaluation for the process of education and training activities so as to create innovative training programs to produce competent human resources. LPK Monarch Bali under the Widhi Sastra Nugraha Foundation is committed to form human resources with competence in tourism sector, where certification activities are conducted by Lembaga LPK Monarch Bali Professional Certification.

On 17 - 20 July 2017 LSP LPK Monarch Bali conducts competency test activities in four (4) Place Competency Test (TUK). Implementation of competency test activities followed by 1745 students distributed in 4 (four) places Competency Test (TUK) are: TUK Monarch Dalung as many as 665 test participants, TUK Monarch Gianyar as many as 397 test participants, TUK Monarch Candidasa as many as 301 test participants, and TUK Monarch Singaraja has 382 test takers.

Implementation of this competency test activity is part of Government Regulation Number 52 Year 2012 on Certification of Competence and Business Certification in Tourism, where prospective worker and manpower in tourism must have competency certificate. The scheme used by LSP LPK Monarch Bali in the implementation of Competency Test for Monarch Bali learners is Level III Certificate Scheme which is divided into 5 (five) fields: Certificate Level III Cookery Scheme, Certificate Level III Housekeeping Scheme, Level III Front Office Certificate Scheme, Certificate Level III Food and Beverages Service (Waiting), and Certificate Level III Food and Beverages Service (Beverage).

LPK Monarch Bali Professional Certification Institution that bridge the implementation of competency certification of education sector get budget support from Deputy Assistant of Tourism HR Development, DEPUTI Institutional Development Field Tourism Ministry of Tourism Year 2017This Competency Test activity is monitored directly by the Head of Curriculum Development Division, Mr. Drs. Muhammad Yusuf, M.Pd and team from the Ministry of Tourism RI in 3 (three) different Competency Test Venues namely TUK Monarch Bali, TUK Monarch Gianyar and TUK Monarch Candidasa.

Director of LSP-LPK Monarch Bali, I Nengah Yasa Adi Susanto, S.H., M.H., CHT. who accompanied the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism team during the monitoring of Competency Test at TUK Monarch Bali said that the certification of competence becomes fundamental and absolute in addressing the needs of the highly competitive tourism industry . Therefore, the licensed LSP-LPK Monarch Bali from the National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP) will consistently continue the certification process to all the graduates of LPK Monarch Bali.